Civil Engineering

Civil Engineering is another core branch of Engineering like Mechanical & Electrical Engineering.Whenever any industry is conceptualized, the Civil Engineering is pioneer in sowing the seed of Engineering there.

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Electrical Engineering

Electrical Engineering is one of the core branches of Engineering and it plays a vital role in country’s development. Electrical Engineers are in high demand in Government . Public as well as Private Sector Companies.

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Electronics Engineering

Electronics and Communication Engineering has gained importance in recent years due to its versatile applications in every aspect of Engineering field. This branch of Engineering mainly deals with the Principles of

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Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical Engineering branch is a core branch of Engineering. The students of this branch will always be in demand. Mechanical Engineering students have a wide career profile that suits to almost every industry.

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Computer Engineering

Computer Engineering is the branch in which student studies basics of computer, Hardware, Programming Languages, Internet Security and many more features or characteristics which are used to develop software.

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